The Trait Situation Debate
  1. There's scant evidence for stability, so there can't be traits, only situational control [2]
  2. There's only interactions [3]
  3. Reply: [1], [5]
  4. “Update: I didn't say it, but I have not changed my mind - personality cannot be inside people” [4]

What are situations?

Sherman 2015 says there are 8 (acronym DIAMONDS)

  1. Duty : Does work need to be done?
  2. Intellect : Is deep cognitive information processing required?
  3. Adversity : Is someone under threat?
  4. Mating : Does the situation involve romantic potential?
  5. pOsitivity : Is the situation enjoyable?
  6. Negativity : Could the situation cause emotional turmoil?
  7. Deception : Can we trust each other?
  8. Sociality : Is meaningful social interaction and relationship building possible?

Haidt Emphasizes Three core situations

  • Can I Learn?
  • Am I under threat?
  • Am in a relationship with this person?
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