The Nature Of General Intelligence
  1. Spearman: g
  • Mental energy as a place holder for a real explanation
  • Information processing speed and efficiency
  • Working memory is g (Kane & Engle, Colom)
  • Is it part of even more general fitness factor (e.g., super K)?
  • G as artifact of measurement
    1. Thomson's bond theory: recruitment of overlapping units (Bartholomew, Deary, Allerhand)
    2. Sternberg's view resonats with that of Thompson
    3. Cattell's/Horn's interpretation?
    4. Bootstrapping?
  • Mutualism (van der Maas)
  • Dickens & Flynn (2001)
    • Gene-enviroment correlations (individual and social multiplier, g resulting from environmental feedback loops in terms of levels and structure)
    • Cultural "Spectacles" (Flynn, 2009, Beyond intelligence)


  1. Detterman paper