Overview: Definitions, Structure, Measurement

Overview papers

You must read these two excellent brief reviews of intelligence: they set the scene for our course.

Neisser, U., Boodoo, G., Bouchard, T. J., Boykin, A. W., Brody, N., Ceci, S. J., Halpern, D. F., Loehlin, J. C., Perloff, R., Sternberg, R. J. and Urbina, S. (1996). Intelligence: Knowns and unknowns. American Psychologist, 51. 77-101. doi. pdf

(This paper has been cited over 2000 times and is a model of balance (Neisser was a superb scientist.).

This next paper updates the 1996 with more modern references.

Nisbett, R. E., Aronson, J., Blair, C., Dickens, W., Flynn, J., Halpern, D. F. and Turkheimer, E. (2012). Intelligence: new findings and theoretical developments. American Psychologist, 67. 130-159. doi. PMID. pdf

If you have not taken an undergraduate course in intelligence, you should read this 2014 book chapter on intelligence by Tim Bates.

A good test that you are ready to proceed and participate is that you can answer the following questions with ease:

  1. The thing we are measuring
      • Who was Binet? What did he do in intelligence?
      • Who was Galton? What did he do in intelligence?
  2. g
      • Who was Charles Spearman? What did his 1918 book "Intelligence Measured" claim?
      • Name three key ideas attributable to Arthur Jensen. What is decision time?
      • Name three key ideas about intelligence supported by Hans Eysenck.
  3. Uncorrelated group factors?
      • What did Thurstone (initially) claim about intelligence?
      • What is Gardner's model? Where does g sit in his model?
  4. Hierarchical group-factor theories
    • Draw a picture of Vernon's (1950 Hierarchical group-factor theory of the structure of cognitive abilities. (Vernon, P. E. (1950). The structure of human abilities. London: Methuen)
    • What is Carroll's model?
    • What is Wendy Johnson's model?
  5. Cattell Gf/Gc
      • What is the evidence that Gf/Gc are different abilities?
      • What is Investment theory?
      • What did Gustaffson mean in arguing that Gf is g?
      • What are experience producing drives?
  6. Other Models that managed to get in the news
      • Sternberg Triarchic model (Find commentaries on this by Nathan Brody and Linda Gottfredson)
      • How did Sternberg explain correlations among his conceptually independent analytical, practical and creative intelligence?