Biological Foundations
  • Basic Information Processing speed (Jensen, Eysenck)
    • Inspection Time
    • Reaction Time (mean and variability)
    • Eysenck: string length, neuronal error, transmission speed
    • Myelinization as the cause of transmission speed and efficiency
  • Brain volume (total, white & grey matter volume, cortical thickness, corpus callosum, specific brain areas)
  • White matter integrity (Penke)
  • Post synaptic density (Hill)
  • Fronto-Parietal Integration Theory (Jung & Haier)
  • Electrical (magnetic) activity on the scull
    • Power in different frequency bands
    • Event-related potentials as markers of speed and information processing (P300, MMN, N100 etc)
  1. Link to infant papers Jay Gied

Methodological Sidebar: Steven Jay Gould and recent PLoS paper on what really happened with brain measurments