Autism overlaps with language disorder, IQ, and personality, so an excellent ID topic.

Geli Ronald's work indicates Autism may well be simply three disorders occuring together. We and others have found support for some "AUTS" genes in language disorder. Several lines of evidence suggest that Autism may be an extreme of low empathy (low A) and low social interest (low N). Recent findings indicate that much of the risk for Autism may be in linkage disequiibrium with common SNPs

We had a meeting on Autistic Traits in Normal Population in October 2012

  • Presenter: Aja Louise Murray
  • Topic Page Autism
  • Papers: : Lundstrom et al. (2012). Autism Spectrum Disorders and Autisticlike Traits - Similar Etiology in the Extreme End and the Normal Variation ARCH GEN PSYCHIATRY, 69(1). 46-52. pdf