Assigned Topics IQ

For each week, up to two presenters (a and b) can sign up. Pleas put down your topic, name and reference to the paper(s) to be presented along with a link to it. Every student must have a unique topic (from the list)

Week, name, reference, link

Week 4a: General Intelligence in Monkeys - Conor

Week 4b: Non-human talk - Tracey

Week 5a: Environments and Processes- Laura

Week 6a: Can IQ be Trained - Shivani
Week 6b: Non-cognitive factors - Emma

Week 7a: Genes, environment and their interactions - Carina Cunha

Week 7b: Group Differences: Sex - Zawadi Mkulo

Week 8a: Environments and Processes (Focus on Education) - Hanbi Zhang

Week 8b: Group Differences: The Flynn Effect - Bálint

  • Sundet, J. M., Barlaug, D. G., & Torjussen, T. M. (2004). The end of the Flynn effect?: A study of secular trends in mean intelligence test scores of Norwegian conscripts during half a century. Intelligence, 32(4), 349-362. pdf
  • Trahan, L. H., Stuebing, K. K., Fletcher, J. M., & Hiscock, M. (2014). The Flynn effect: A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin, 140(5), 1332 - 1360. pdf
  • Dutton, E., & Lynn, R. (2013). A negative Flynn effect in Finland, 1997–2009. Intelligence, 41(6), 817-820. pdf

Week 9a: Intelligence, health, well-being, and psychopathology - Nea Lulik

Week 9b: The biological basis of intelligence (Parieto-Frontal Integration Theory) - Sofia

Week 10a: Intelligence in Society - Adam Francis

Week 10b: Ageing - Zander Crook

NB: DON'T overwrite other people's earlier choices: first come first served