Alternatives To Traits

Personal Stories and Narrative

  • Dan McAdams

Learning orientation

Unconscious influences

  • Claimed semantic priming effects, e.g. of money but see Pashler paper:
  • Rohrer, D., Pashler, H., & Harris, C. R. (2015). Do subtle reminders of money change people's political views? Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 144(4), e73-85. doi:10.1037/xge0000058

Socioeconomic Status (SES)

  • Piff (2012) (but not replicated)

Various ideas in Blink etc


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Macnamara, B. N., Moreau, D., & Hambrick, D. Z. (2016). The Relationship Between Deliberate Practice and Performance in Sports: A Meta-Analysis. Perspect Psychol Sci, 11(3), 333-350. doi:10.1177/1745691616635591 [link]