Where and When: 4 pm on Fridays throughout the year: Room S38, 7 George Square, EH8 9JZ. We go to the pub afterwards.
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M.Sc. in Individual Differences students attend this club (as well to own MSc PG Seminar in personality and PG Seminar in intelligence.

Academic year 2018/19 Meetings a google doc for possible topics is here

Friday, February DAY: YOUR_SHORT_TITLE

  • Presenter: [Alicia]
  • Topic Page Conscientiousness
  • Papers: Göllner, R., Damian, R. I., Rose, N., Spengler, M., Trautwein, U., Nagengast, B., & Roberts, B. W. (2017). Is doing your homework associated with becoming more conscientious? Journal of Research in Personality, 71, 1-12. doi.

Friday, November 30: Who's family? Evidence for innate kin recognition mechanisms.

Thursday, November 29 9-11: Morality as Cooperation

Friday, November 23: ??

Friday, November 16: Walter Mischel 2.0: Should/can we study Animal Personality?

  • Pulp fiction & Arnold the pig
  • Presenter: Rosalind Arden
  • Topic Page animal personality
  • Papers:
      • Beekman, M. and Jordan, L.A. (2017). Invited Review: Does the field of animal personality provide any new insights for behavioral ecology? Behavioral Ecology 28, 617–623. doi:10.1093/beheco/arx022 pdf
      • Bell. A.M. (2018) There is no special sauce: a comment on Beekman and Jordan. Behavioral Ecology pdf
      • “It’s like déjà vu all over again”- Yogi Berra

Friday, November 9th: Evolution of Vulnerability: How our mental and physical vulnerabilities are not failures of evolution, but rather result from selection to display behaviors that are vulnerable.

Friday, October 26: Situational Strategies for Self-Control

Friday, October 19: Do differences between schools matter?

Friday, October 12: Depression genetics redux

Friday, Sept 21: Interests

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