Where and When: 4 pm on Fridays throughout the year: Room S38, 7 George Square, EH8 9JZ. We go to the pub afterwards.
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M.Sc. in Individual Differences students should attend this club (as well to your own MSc PG Seminar in personality and PG Seminar in intelligence.

Academic year 2018/19 Meetings

Friday, Sept 21: Interests

Academic year 2017/18 Meetings (partial record)

Friday, October 13th: Can an AI detect homosexuality in faces?

Friday, October 6th: Do genes affecting serotonin interact with stress to cause depression?

Friday, September 29th: Meet the staff (all MScs across the department)

Friday, September 22nd: Meeting, incoming MSc PID year of 2017 and Differential Staff. AND PIZZA!

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